We are so grateful for our Business Alliance Group sponsors who support the Eastside Christian School mission to provide academic excellence and joyful discipleship in a Christ-centered community.

If you have questions about joining the Business Alliance Group, please email Tina Ogimachi at togimachi@ecswa.org.

 Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology Centers

With more than three decades of experience caring for patients in Western Washington, Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology Centers have become recognized leaders in providing high-quality, personalized care for many types of cancer.  We know life doesn’t get put on hold for cancer, and we do our best to make treatments with us as comfortable, friendly and efficient as possible.  We surround our patients with an entire team dedicated to their comfort and recovery. Within our centers, our board-certified radiation oncologists lead a highly trained staff. We have full-time, board-certified medical physicists and dosimetrists who work closely with our physicians to ensure optimal treatment planning and delivery. Our therapists are certified by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists in Radiation Therapy. Our physicians work close with our patients’ other doctors for optimal communication and coordinated delivery of care.  Tacoma/Valley Radiation Oncology Centers are accredited by the American College of Radiation Oncology.  Receiving national accreditation indicates our facilities and services have undergone extensive evaluation.

To learn more about our centers, visit their website at www.tacomaradiation.com.

JLS Academy


JLS partners with schools to provide opportunities for Korean youth to study abroad and to experience daily life and culture in an English-speaking country.  JLS strongly believes in the importance of cultural immersion within a language program. Students who come to North America have the unique opportunity to live with local host families called ‘Homestay Families’ where they become a part of the family and experience true North American culture.  Eastside Christian School has hosted several international students with JLS.

To learn more about JLS, visit their website.

Mercury Coffee

Mercury Coffee serves an award-winning organic, coffee blend.  Their focus is to create an element of connection and culture within the areas that they serve.  They are passionate about achieving excellence through service to their customers and community. All of their milk is certified rBST/hormone free with the option to go 100% organic if you choose. They carry 5 dairy alternatives (Coconut, Hemp, Almond, Rice, and Soy), 6 certified organic flavors, 30 regular flavors and 10 sugar free flavors including sugar free white and dark chocolates. Whatever your drink choice may be, you can not only expect to find it at Mercurys, but also enjoy it with the peace of mind that you’ve received the highest quality ingredients and service found anywhere in the industry.

To find out more about Mercury, visit their website at www.mercuryscoffee.com.