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Middle School STEM: 3D Printing


K-8 initiatives for STEM and STEAM are so important. As society continues to advance in science, technology, engineering and math, we aim to teach skills our students will need to be successful working in these industries. We are instilling a passion for STEM into today’s students so that they are prepared and excited to take on STEM jobs in their futures. To develop a passion for STEM, students need to experience STEM subjects in an engaging, exciting, and hands-on way.  We are providing these experiences in the classroom to ensure our students finish school with a strong foundational knowledge in STEM [...]

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4th Grade: Wax Museum


Our 4th grade students held their ever-popular "Wax Museum" event at school recently, with rave reviews from parent, student and staff visitors to the "museum".  The students worked hard on this assignment, and learned so much from this project. All of the kids were in costumes, portraying well-known historical figures, and standing in front of their backdrops as still as can be. Wax Museum visitors walked around the room, looking at the famous people, reading the backdrops, and pushing the display "buttons" to hear students tell about the life of their historical figures and why they were important. The steps involved [...]

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