Eastside Christian School has historically been a leader in academics, and this past year was no different.

In 2018, Eastside Christian School’s 3rd and 7th graders participated in the Washington State Smarter Balanced test. Please click on the following link to see the Smarter Balanced Test Results

I, Madison Laurie, am a child of the one true God. God has gifted me to be a leader and someone who loves to serve others. I have been a Christian ever since I could remember, but my parents gave me the choice of whether I should follow Jesus or not. When I was four, I accepted Jesus into my heart. Now that I have learned to know Him better than I did back then, I realized that I made the right decision and I know that I wouldn’t take it back. Skiing, acting, and writing have brought me exhilaration throughout my life, and continue to do so. God made me unique with a passion for giving to others rather than receiving gifts and connecting with others. Through one-on-one conversations and serving others, I can help spread God’s love and help others to learn to know Jesus.

Madison Laurie Mission Statement - Class of 2017

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