What Makes ECS Unique?


  • Any list like this has to start with the students. Our students (children quickly becoming young men and women) are bright, polite, and flat-out nice.
  • Our community of students, parents, and staff is unapologetically Christian.  We have chosen to be here because we want to learn and teach in a Christian environment.
  • Our teachers are all exceptional instructors (Washington state certificated) with a big heart for the kids and an even bigger heart for Christ.
  • Our program emphasizes both academic excellence and joyful discipleship.  It’s not one or the other at ECS; they’re inexorably linked.
  • Our curriculum is a blend of Christian and secular texts and materials.  We choose the curriculum that will best serve our students.
  • Our Preschool program does an amazing job of balancing the need to teach children fundamental reading, writing, and math skills with the value of allowing them to have fun being kids. Our preschoolers are loved and nurtured, as well as taught.
  • Our K-2 phonics program creates a foundation for reading that enables our students to decode and spell words at a very high level.
  • Our instruction in elementary reading and math programs provide students with an opportunity to learn at a level that is “just right” for them. This includes challenging advanced students appropriately.
  • Our Middle School program has leadership and mentoring opportunities built into the curriculum, so our young people can grow and face challenges with adult encouragement and direction.

Many students have graduated from our school and gone on to excel in high school and beyond. We see the effectiveness of our program not only in the number of their achievements, but also in the quality of their character.

Want to know more?  Contact us with your questions here or call our Enrollment Director at (425) 641-5570, ext. 120.

  • Excellent staff, chapel and bible programs, curriculum, and wonderful parent and family community.

    ECS Parent
  • I love ECS because the teachers bring us fun in our education. I also love my friends who comfort me and bring me joy.

    Emma 4th grade
  • I love ECS because of sports.

    Eli 2nd Grade
  • It is wonderful to have all our three kids on one campus, with a staff and curriculum that continues to help them develop their character and academics.

    Scott and Anna Marie Clayhold ECS Parents
  • My family has been a part of the Eastside Christian School community for nine years. The academics are very strong and the students have high standards of achievement. The teachers and staff from preschool on up to Middle School have a special connection with the students and with each other.

    N.C. ECS Parent
  • I love ECS because all of my friends make me feel God inside and because I can worship Jesus.

    Laney 2nd Grade