Fast Facts

Established: 1969

Grades: Preschool – 8th Grade

School Type: Independent Christian co-educational day school

Enrollment: 320 students
xx Preschool (preschool and prekindergarten)
xx Elementary (grades K-5)
xx Middle School (grades 6-8)

International Students: We accept international students to all grades; however, we only issue Form I-20 to non-immigrant students on F-1 visas who have been accepted and are enrolled in grades 9 and above.

Staff: total school staff of 55

Student-to-teacher ratio:
Preschool – 7:1
Kindergarten-1st grade – 9:1
2nd-5th grade – 15:1
Middle School – 15:1

Campus: Our east Bellevue campus houses classrooms for grades preschool – 8th grade, along with a lower elementary library, computer lab, chapel, large playground, gymnasium, and kitchen.


How many students are in a classroom?2019-07-30T23:00:48-07:00


Preschool 3’s half-day class:  maximum of 12 students (one teacher plus one aide)
Preschool 4’s, 5’s half-day class: maximum of 17 students (one teacher plus one aide)
Preschool 3’s, 4’s, 5’s full-day class: maximum of 17 students (one teacher plus one aide)

Kindergarten through Fifth grade (2 classes per grade)

Kindergarten – First grade:  13-20 students per class (one teacher plus one aide)
Second– Fifth grades: 13-20 students per class (one teacher)

Middle School: (1 class per grade)

Sixth – Eighth: 18-22 students per class (one teacher, part-time aide)

Where can I find out more about curriculum?2019-07-30T22:57:57-07:00
What are the guidelines for our uniforms?2019-07-30T22:56:51-07:00
What type of school supplies will I need for the school year?2019-07-30T22:56:18-07:00

Please visit our School Supply page.

Can we request a teacher for our child?2019-07-30T22:55:37-07:00

While you are not able to request a particular teacher for your child, your input is welcome regarding the teacher personality and instructional style that would best help your child grow academically, socially, and spiritually. In late spring, a Student Placement Request will be made available to parents via Renweb (Resource Documents) and the ECS office. Parents may use this form to communicate their child’s learning style, personality preferences, and friend requests.  ECS staff will meet to discuss each child’s needs and will work hard to place students with the teachers and classmates who best fit the student’s personality and learning style.

What is the cut-off date for entering Preschool and Kindergarten?2019-07-30T22:53:23-07:00

3’s classes: 3 years old by 8/31
4-5 Pre-K classes: 4 or 5 years old by 8/31
Kindergarten: 5 years old by 8/31

What time is school dismissed?2019-07-30T22:52:29-07:00

All Day Preschool & Kindergarten – 3:00 PM
1st through 3rd Grades – 3:05 PM
4th through 8th Grades – 3:15 PM

When is the first day of school for ECS?2019-07-30T22:51:46-07:00

ECS typically starts in September on the day after Labor Day.

What are your tuition rates?2019-07-30T22:51:01-07:00
Do you have a pdf of your school calendar?2019-07-30T22:49:22-07:00

2018-2019 Overview

Detailed Calendar:  See our online calendar here 

Contact Info

14615 SE 22nd Street

Phone: 425.641.5570

Fax: 425.746.3155

Web: ecswa.org

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