Transfer Students

At Eastside Christian School, we understand that changing schools can be a difficult time of transition for young people. When a child enters K-8 during the academic year, we have programs in place to help welcome your child and make his or her initial time at ECS a positive and enjoyable experience. Like you, we want your child to be successful and love ECS, and the supports listed below help ensure a great start.


  • Your child will be introduced and welcomed on the first day of class and paired with a student ambassador for the first week at ECS.
  • You will be introduced to your child’s Room Parent.
  • Two weeks after your child begins school, teachers will provide the Principal with feedback on your child’s adjustment to ECS.
  • The Principal will meet with the family within the first several weeks of school to address any questions/concerns about academics and student life.

Middle School

Middle-schoolers transferring to ECS mid-year will have the following additional supports (along with those listed above):

  • Your child’s mentor group leader will have regular check-ins with your child during the transition period to make sure things are going well both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • The Athletic Fee will be waived for your child’s first sport to encourage participation and help make peer connections.

I, Tara Liu, am a child of God. I love to travel, spend time with my friends and family, and do gymnastics. God has blessed me with the spiritual gifts of leadership, exhortation, and faith. I’m an introvert, so I usually stick around people who I’ve gotten to know and often don’t go beyond my comfort zone. However, being a gymnast, I am constantly faced with challenges that force me out of my comfort zone. From my experiences with gymnastics, I have become more confident with myself, and I hope to use my confidence to become a leader and an example for others. Being at ECS has helped me identify what my spiritual gifts are and I hope to continue using them in high school. As I move into high school, I plan to use my gifts to be the type of friend who others can talk to and count on, be an example to others, and help others build a stronger relationship with God.

Tara Liu Mission Statement - Class of 2017

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