The staff of Eastside Christian School is committed to providing an outstanding academic education that is distinctly Christian in its framework, methodology, and atmosphere.

It is our firm belief that absolute truth does exist and is found exclusively in the Bible. With this as our foundation, the staff at ECS is dedicated to instructing from a Christian worldview and integrating the principles of the Christian faith into each academic subject and co-curricular activity.

Overall, the spiritual ministry of ECS is characterized by these primary attributes:

Relational – Our staff and faculty invest deeply in our students. They get to know them personally, recognizing their strengths and encouraging them in their areas of growth.

Applicable – We strive with great intentionality to make God’s Word relatable to everything our students are involved in.

Enjoyable – Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which following Christ and pursuing a deeper relationship with Him is enjoyable. Children possess a natural enthusiasm that we endeavor to nurture, especially in terms of their faith. Our teaching, chapels, and one-on-one interactions are intended to reflect the positive nature of God’s love for all of us.


Rev. Daniel Rogers
Director of Spiritual Life