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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Good Morning!  Happy Chapel Tuesday!!

Sure hope you enjoyed the long weekend.  Below are some worship songs from Ms. Adams and a Memorial Day message for the students.  We now only have a few more weeks of school left – let’s be sure to make the most of it!!

God bless!


Beautiful One —

Firm Foundation —

Chapel Message

Monday, May 18, 2020

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Chapel Day!

Below are links to some great worship from Ms. Adams and message for the students.

Have a TERRIFIC day!

Everlasting God –
Firm Foundation –

Chapel Message:

God bless!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Good morning & Happy Chapel Day!!

I hope you’ve all had a terrific weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Below are links to two worship songs and a chapel message for the students. God bless you and have a GREAT week!!


Victory Chant:

Firm Foundation:

Chapel Message:

Monday, May 4, 2020

Good morning & Happy Chapel Day!

We’re off to a new week and a whole new month!  Today we’ve included a worship song to praise the Lord and get your heart right, videos of Mr. Migs recognizing students for chapel awards (view in Mr. Green’s email from May 4th), and an All-School message for the students.

God bless you and have a GREAT week!!


Chapel Message:  (please view in Mr. Green’s email from May 4th)

Monday, April 27, 2020

Good morning!!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Below is a worship song for today’s chapel from Ms. Adams and a special message for the students.

Let’s make this a GREAT week!!


Chapel Message:

Monday, April 20, 2020

Good morning!!  I hope you all had a terrific Easter Break!  Below is a worship song from Ms. Adams and a chapel message for the students.

Have a great week!


Chapel Message:

Holy Week:  April 6-10, 2020

Friday, April 10th:

Happy Good Friday!

It’s a beautiful morning and a wonderful way to start a very meaningful weekend. Today we celebrate Christ’s death on our behalf – it’s somber and serious – but it is still GOOD NEWS because His death wasn’t final. We are blessed to understand His sacrifice and to know the end of the story. Holy Week doesn’t end on Good Friday…Easter comes because He didn’t stay in the grave! Hallelujah and Amen!!

Have a blessed day today and heartfelt Easter Sunday!

With great love,
Todd Green

When I Survey
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name


Thursday, April 9th:

Good Morning!

It’s going to be a beautiful day.  I hope we can praise the Lord for that AND what He’s done for us on the cross – a divinely heroic act that we can celebrate this week.

Below is a worship song for the students.  A big thanks to Ms. Adams for selecting these for us!!

And here’s the devotional video for today:

God bless you!

Wednesday, April 8th:

Good Morning!!

It’s Wednesday of HOLY WEEK and Easter is coming!! Below are a worship song and a brief devotional for students.  Have a great day and enjoy the SON-shine!  God bless you!!



Tuesday, April 7th

Hi Everyone!  Today is day 2 of HOLY WEEK!  Please watch the videos below for some worship and a brief message about Holy Tuesday!  God bless you!!



Monday, April 6th

Good Morning!  It’s ALL-SCHOOL Chapel Day – AND – the start of HOLY WEEK!  I hope you and your family have a fantastic week and are able to enjoy some time focusing on our Savior.  Our All-School Chapel theme for the month of April is the Holy Spirit.  Enjoy this month’s lesson and worship song, below.

Also, look for a daily devotional from me this week to help remind you of Christ’s love as we head into EASTER! 😊

God bless!
Todd Green

All-School Chapel

Worship Song

Monday, March 30, 2020

Good Morning!

It’s Chapel day 😊

Below is a link to today’s message for ECS students. Also included below are some worship options from Ms. Adams. Have a terrific day that launches your family into a meaningful week!

God bless!
Todd Green

Chapel Message

Worship [younger students]:

Worship [older students]:

Monday, March 23, 2020

Good Morning!  Today is Chapel Day so we’re encouraging ECS students to be reminded that God loves them, He’s with us, and we can deepen our relationship with Him!

Below you’ll find a link to video message posted on Youtube.  You’ll also find links to some worship songs – one for elementary and one for older students.  As we continue this journey – TOGETHER – let’s be encouraged that Lord is at work in and through us!

Message – “Tool Boxes”:

Worship [younger] – “Days of Elijah”:

Worship [older] – “O Come to the Alter”:  w/lyrics

Worship [older] – “O Come to the Alter”:  wo/lyrics

Monday, March 16, 2020

Happy Monday Everyone!  It’s Chapel Day!

Below is a powerpoint presentation with a special chapel message for ECS students.  If you open the attachment and start the presentation, there should be audio and it will automatically run through the set of  slides. 

If you’re up for it, here are some discussion questions you could talk about to reinforce and deepen the learning from today’s simple message:

  1. What concerns do you have?  [About the virus, missing school, etc.]
  2. Who can we turn to and trust with our worries, frustrations, fears?
  3. For older students, how do we know we can trust God with all these things?  What’s the benefit of turning them over to God?
  4. From our side, how should we respond overall to the hard events we’re going through?
  5. What can we do ensure that there’s more “orange juice” coming out of us than “lemon juice”?
  6. Lastly, if we imagine ourselves in the future – what would we like to look back and say about this chapter of our lives?

Hopefully this is helpful and/or encouraging in some way.  I’ll be looking to create more spiritual touch-points with students as we continue this journey together.  I’m praying for you and asking God to help all of us write GREAT chapters! 😊

Message:  Challenging Times – The Squeeze Test.pptx