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Valuing Human Life


God values human life in all of its splendor and color, and so do we Please read the letter below, with our heartfelt response to the recent events which are rooted in racism. Our prayer is for change as members of the human race and as a part of God's family.  Included are some resources we hope will be helpful for your family. An Open Letter from our ECS Board and Leadership

Valuing Human Life2020-06-14T21:51:35-07:00

A Gem on the Eastside


Finding a Gem on the Eastside “As a family we can say that we highly recommend Eastside Christian School. As part of our recent move to the Bellevue area we were seeking a private Christian school for our daughter, who was entering Kindergarten. We researched the schools on the Eastside and have been so grateful to find this gem. We have been so impressed with ECS, from the Enrollment Director to the Principal to the teaching staff. Our daughter tends to be extremely shy and quiet and the ECS environment has really allowed her to blossom and come out of [...]

A Gem on the Eastside2021-02-02T12:59:00-08:00

May The 4th Be With You


"May The 4th Be With You!" Mr. Hwang brings great creativity to his middle school math lessons whenever possible, and today was no exception!  Transforming into "Darth Pythagoras," he set out to recruit ECS math students for a new order, that of "Rotational Symmetry." The students' brilliance shined brightly as they joined in the challenges of the day: Data Decryption The Order of Rotational Symmetry has received precious encrypted data on notable leaders of the past.  The students were tasked with decrypting this information and making sure it got into the right hands… Order Insignia (designs by Anthony Herrera) Darth Pythagoras requested [...]

May The 4th Be With You2020-05-04T22:11:48-07:00

Hello From Our Homes to Yours


Hello From Home The ECS Staff wants you to know how much we miss you!  We think of you daily, and pray God will bring an end to the coronavirus so we can see you again soon!  In a community that is as tight-knit as ours, the separation seems especially difficult some days, but we know that our strength comes from the Lord during these sometimes lonely days. We hope this little video will help brighten your spirits today.  Our chapel theme this year has been about being "Kingdom Builders," ones who build our lives upon God's firm foundational truths.  [...]

Hello From Our Homes to Yours2020-04-07T21:23:37-07:00

What We Miss About School


What We Miss About School Our first graders were asked to share their opinions about what part of the school day they miss the most while doing distance learning at home during COVID-19, and why they miss it. Some of the children miss doing math or science, while others miss chapel, PE or art, but the thing they miss most is being with others. Poignantly they wrote about missing their teachers and their friends, and their hope that we will one day see each other again. Safe to say, we ALL look forward to that day and pray it comes [...]

What We Miss About School2020-04-08T12:13:25-07:00

Online Learning Success!


Online Learning Success! Who would have thought just a couple of months ago that this would be our new normal? All of our teachers and families are working hard, embracing the changes that mandated school closures have brought our way.  This situation has taken many of us outside of our comfort zones, but despite the stress and anxiety we are off to a good start.  Our teachers have shown amazing creativity and showered our students with love as they've made the transition to provide education online.  Within just one day after closing our building, our middle school teachers had successfully [...]

Online Learning Success!2020-04-07T20:45:37-07:00

4th Grade Writing: Valentine Memories


Students from one of our 4th grade classes have worked diligently this week to complete their writing assignments, in order to give them to their parents in time for Valentine's Day.  The class was asked to write about a favorite memory, and their work is being graded (like many other writing assignments) on a rubric of clear expectations their teacher gave them.  Many of these writing expectations are core standards we expect in all of our classrooms, including neatness, correct spelling, appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and the inclusion of sensory details. To help make the assignment fun, their teacher read a [...]

4th Grade Writing: Valentine Memories2020-02-14T11:32:36-08:00

What Our Students Love About ECS


What Our Students Love About ECS Students at Eastside Christian School love their teachers, friends, and learning God’s Word.  They “100% guarantee” all students will love our caring, Christ-centered community, too!  We agree, and invite you to consider ECS for your children, ages 3 through 8th grade ~ contact us at admissions@ecswa.org to learn more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR9kIjj1ed8&feature=youtu.be

What Our Students Love About ECS2020-05-19T12:39:19-07:00

STEM: Environmental Science in 4th Grade


Mr. Pan’s students have been studying environmental science in his fourth grade classroom this fall.  During a recent lesson, students were asked to determine if temperature changes affect the properties of yeast and, if so, to describe their observations of those effects. In the first experiment, students evaluated the effects of yeast and sugar mixed with cold water, warm water, and hot water.  They were asked to describe their observations in writing for each water temperature and summarize their findings.  The class also experimented with yeast that had been frozen or baked and then mixed with sugar and water, comparing the [...]

STEM: Environmental Science in 4th Grade2019-12-10T06:14:09-08:00

STEM: Lessons About Our Senses in Kindergarten


STEM: Lessons About Our Senses in Kindergarten Our kindergarten students recently participated in a set of memorable experiments about some of their primary senses:  hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch. Ms. Lee asked her class to create hypotheses about the contents of mystery items hidden in eggs, using only the sense of hearing.  She also encouraged guessing about mystery smells like pencil lead, coffee, vinegar, food items, and wax.  Finally the class was asked to make some educated guesses about whether some foods would taste salty or sweet, using their senses of vision and touch before tasting. To help the [...]

STEM: Lessons About Our Senses in Kindergarten2019-10-23T10:32:02-07:00
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